AC Repair: 5 Signs The Expansion Valve Is Faulty

Is the air coming from the AC vents too cold even after adjusting to the correct positions? You could have a faulty thermal expansion valve. This component regulates refrigerant flow. When it is not working correctly, your AC isn't able to keep your home cool because the heat exchange process fails. Here are several signs you might need AC repair services to look at a suspect expansion valve: 1. There is no Response to Temperature Adjustments

4 Furnace Repair Tips and Guidelines Every Homeowner Should Know About

If you have a furnace as your primary heating system, it is advisable to learn several things about maintaining and repairing it. Some basic knowledge about the repair is the ideal time and signs of trouble with the system. Here are four expert tips to help you troubleshoot a malfunctioning system and either fix it or find the right person to do it.  Check the Heating Bills You should always check your heating bills and ensure that they are reasonable at all times.

4 Reasons Behind A Leaking Furnace

Water leaks can be destructive if not fixed on time. The source of the damage does not matter, but you need to stay alert and act as soon as you notice the first drop. One of the appliances famous for leaks is a furnace, and there are various causes. But before you solve the problem, it is always advisable to turn it off when a leak occurs. Then, clean the pooled water to prevent more damage before calling for furnace repair services.

AC Services: 4 Top Benefits Of Early Spring AC Maintenance And Repair

Spring is the transition between the heating season and the cooling season. For most homeowners, the AC system goes to rest during the winter. The spring is the only time they can check on the condition of a system that has been dormant for months and repair it for the busy cooling season. You should consult a professional AC repair expert to handle your maintenance and repairs for you if you want excellent results.

5 HVAC Repairs That Require You To Hire A Professional Technician

The hot summer weather brings a lot of joy to many people, but it can also be stressful when your air conditioning is not working. Many homeowners don't realize that it takes a professional to handle some of the most common air conditioning repairs. If you have been noticing problems with the indoor unit, you should consider calling in a professional. Here are 5 HVAC repairs that require a professional: